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Hilary Norley PHCSA Centre manager

I am Hilary Norley the current centre manager at PHCSA, a position I have held since April 2019. Prior to taking this on I was a trustee at Pomphrey Hill and became involved with the development of the site along with other members from the associated clubs and S. Glos. Council as early as 2008. I manage the day to day running of both the site at Pomphrey Hill and Johnsons Road to ensure that it all runs smoothly and efficiently and is accessible to all members of the local community as well as the clubs who form the Association. The easiest way to contact me with any queries, issues or general enquiries is by using our email address but if you are passing by and want to pop in and say hello, I am usually in the office between 8.30 – 12.30pm Monday – Friday.

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